The First Blog Post

Welcome one and all to the first blog post on Tega Does Business.

I have a vision for what I want this website to be, and in times gone, I have struggled to eloquently describe my vision for my websites and that led to a bunch of frustration and then eventually the abandonment of that project/website…

This time will be different.

I am deciding to make this as my first blog post, so I can share my goals/vision for this website and in doing so, make it clear why I am creating another website. By the end of this blog post, I’d like for you to know WHY the website exists and WHAT you can get from reading the blog posts/watching the videos or listening to Audio.


To be honest, it’s so weird for me to think of myself as a “content creator.” I have always struggled with the rather generic label of “content creator” it seemed to me like something people say to be trendy, but the more I thought about what I wanted to do and what I want to build, the more the label seemed apt.

Tega the content creator

If you’ve been following me on my Facebook page for a while, then you kind of know my relationship with labels, and if you’re on my email list, you definitely know my history labels, because I’ve written about labels and my aversion to them. 

It’s funny because at the time of writing this, I have just finished recording a podcast episode, where my guest and I chatted briefly about labels and the benefits and disadvantages of them, so it’s lined up well that I should accept the label of “Content Creator”’.

Weird tangent about labels aside…

I realise that I am going to have ramp up the content production with 2 websites which are going to be running parallel to each other.  

Naturally, there will be some crossovers, but my goal for this website (Tega Does Business) is to document what I’m doing as I build out the main “brand” aka the other website. 

2 WORLDS COLLIDE…not really, which is my other website, is basically going to be a brand. I find it a touch weird that the brand is going to be my name. As we (my team and I) build and grow that brand, we will sell products and services. 

Which brings me to THIS website, Tega Does Business is going to be my living public facing diary, where I will document the process I am going through to build the “brand”. I guess in time, this site may become a brand of its own, but that is not the goal or where my focus will be directed. 

However, after I made the decision that this site would be a living public facing diary, I had to think of how this particular site would be different from ALL THE OTHER sites out there doing something similar.

The question that kept coming back to me was “How is this different to what everybody else is doing?”


YouTube and social media for me at the minute is littered with different people making videos about their journey from zero to hero. The algorithms have me consistently being fed videos of people starting social media marketing agencies and filmmakers practicing their craft and I enjoy it.

I’m seeing all these types of content because they purport to show their journeys from “Zero to hero” and even when you watch it in chronological order, where you watch them make a video on “how they want to start an SMMA” or how “they are documenting their process” but there seems to be something missing…

the messy middle

It took a while but I realised what I was missing was the story inbetween, the unpolished failures, the driving decisions they had to make, how they grew and the list goes on. The story in between I shall call “The Messy Middle” (big props to Andre Chaperone and Shawn Twing for this term). 

Tega Does Business is going to address that. I want to document and show the messy middle in all its glory. 

I want to document myself going through the process of achieving the goal of building “The Brand,” going through the process and showing the things others don’t show. 

It is my hope that by documenting my messy middle, this site will become somewhere where people come to when they want to start a business or do something difficult. Somewhere they can come to for inspiration and or insights to figure out what they need to do. 

Ultimately, I am doing this for the Tega that started his business four or five years ago, and didn’t really know where to start, or what to do, or where to go for information other than the general resources and generic advice freely available online and not behind a paywall.

tega 5 years ago

Four or five years ago, things were vastly different than they are now. And where I got my information four or five years ago was primarily through Facebook groups. Yes, Facebook groups are still reliable now, but you have to put in an extra effort on research since the information isn’t all centralised.


Expect me to be constantly working on this site with the team to document what I’m doing. That way, this becomes a complete resource for people who were like me, five years ago. 

I want to document every part of the process — the goals, results, and most importantly, the messy middle. 

This messy middle will help you learn important skills such as…

…how to think

…how to deal with challenges

…how to overcome challenges

…how to pivot whenever things aren’t going as planned

…how to stare failure in the face

…how to sit in failure and accept that it is part of the process

…how to build something of worth

That’s the goal and one of the main reasons why this website was created.

Under construction

As I’m writing this, there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying “What if I fail?” 

However, because this website is to document my entire learning process, I have to accept the fact that failure is a possibility. What’s more important to me is the fact that I’m putting in the effort and if things don’t work out how I envisioned them to work out, then it’s cool. 

At least I took a shot. 

The way things are going to be laid out is for me to just document everything with the purpose of getting clear on my thoughts and figure stuff out. That way, I can help other people who are in the same journey as I am. 

Expect more content around the thoughts that I have and the things I’m thinking. 

I’m honestly still figuring everything out as we go, especially with how I handle both websites. I have an idea naturally, but we shall see where and how things go. 


For a first blog post, if you’ve read this far, thank you very much. 

If you want to follow along, I’m also planning on starting a newsletter so I can give updates whenever these blog posts go out. 

I’m looking forward to putting more content here including videos and audio. 

The next blog post will probably break down the plan for both websites and how I plan to achieve that. Hopefully at that point, we can get started in earnest and actually do what we need to do to grow the brand. This will all be documented so that you can see the messy middle yourself, and hopefully get a few golden nuggets from there.

See you in the next blog post. 

Toodles for now!

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