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Sup everyone! Welcome, and thank you for checking out my blog.

If you’re new here and want to know how to get started with an “online business” or a service provider
this blog has been created with you in mind!

This page will get you up to speed with what this blog and to some degree what I’m all about — supporting my family with my online business, starting a freelance business, learning to market & sell, creating online courses, and maybe talk a little about passive income & more.

Tega (kinda) Fun Facts

I’m from Nigeria, now live in Newcastle in the UK

I’ve been a “professional” service provider since 2015.

I own a marketing company called Gravitas Digital.

I try to incorporate Stoicism at the center of everything I do.

I run a couple of websites – helping web designers, writers, developers and skilled experts launch their business as a freelancer or consultant. – coding tutorials, courses & resources for new web designers and web developers. – a blog & podcast about being a more ethical and honest marketer.

Where to start on this website

To learn more about me, go here.

Need to find the best tools, resources & software for your online business? Here are all my recommendations[Link to resources].

If you want to know how to start a podcast, I wrote a complete guide for that here.[link to podcast blog post].

If you want to join my CORE Program Delegation Mastery Academy, this link will take care of it for you.

Curious how we can work together, I have a page just for you.

If you’re an established business or startup and you’d like to talk about working with me, book a call.

I have a contact page, too.

I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but not too active there.

For good measure, here are some links

Check out this blog post: How to Find and Hire Reliable Virtual team members.

I have also been working on appearing on more podcasts. Usually once the interview is over, I tend to get back to work and totally forget about the podcast. This is my attempt to change that

So instead of letting the interviews gather digital dust, I thought I’d share them with you!

They are all recent episodes and you’ll get an insight and background into my story, my business and my lifestyle that perhaps you didn’t know before.

Here are the interviews:


Thanks again for checking out my blog. I appreciate your time and I certainly hope you get some really useful insights from what I share.

Tega Out!